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Landsburg Learning Centre

Owners and preschool teachers Maria Dib and Sarah Matheson have been operating a successful in-home family daycare for the past five years in the Bedford community. Out of their dedication for teaching, and their affection for working alongside young children, they aspired to grow their business together and open the Landsburg Learning Centre. Both have an incredible passion for teaching and believe that because of the tremendous leaps that occur in the early years, early educators have a profound impact on children’s lives.

Maria and Sarah have the background education, skills, knowledge and experience to select the most appropriate programs to foster each individual child’s development for success. Catering to only a maximum of 12 students, Landsburg Learning Centre provides an excellent opportunity for parents to ensure that their children are well cared for while they build skills, knowledge, and engage in learning experiences which support their growth and development.

Located on a quiet street in central Bedford free from the commotion of city life, children have the opportunity to explore a large backyard surrounded by trees and gardens. The indoor space is safe, clean, and beautifully designed with natural woods and colors. Children are taught to respect both the indoor and outdoor environment and are encouraged to be respectful and thoughtful towards each other and their teachers.

Landsburg Learning Centre’s ultimate mission is to prepare children for entry into the school system and to nourish children in mind, body, and spirit.

We are currently accepting new clients for all programs. Check our programs page for more information.

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Landsburg Learning Centre
Last updated March 10, 2014